Terms & Conditions


This page sets out the terms and conditions which govern your use of the itsonlybusiness website (http://itsonlybusiness.co.uk/) and associated services used on the site. By clicking the ‘place a free add’ button on the homepage you are agreeing to the terms indicated below under the ‘advertisers terms’. By signing up to the site you are agreeing to the terms to indicated below under the “viewers terms”. These terms and conditions should be taken seriously as they are a legally binding agreement between you and itsonlybusiness.co.uk. Any persons who does not agree to the terms and conditions should exit the website as they are not authorized to use our services until they agree to the terms and conditions.


General terms and conditions

Itsonlybusiness.co.uk is solely for users to advertise business opportunities online, in the hope that another user can aid/assist them to fulfill there opportunity. All adverts are to be taken seriously as itsonlybusiness.co.uk holds no responsibility for any money, time, equity or any other loss incurred by the user when using the itsonlybusiness.co.uk website.

All adverts and comments made in the discussion panel are checked by itsonlybusiness.co.uk. All comments made in the discussion box are moderated by us before being posted to the relevant advert. Adverts will automatcially go live once they have been published, however if we feel they are in breach of our Term and Conditions then we have the right to remove an advert once it has been posted. Our screening process checks for any adverts

  • Being posted that appear to be breaking common UK law
  • That post misleading or false material of any kind
  • Promote business services as opposed to business opportunities
  • That collect users information without there personal consent
  • Posted by anyone other than the owner or permission from the owner of the stated business
  • That post violent, discriminating, abusive or indecent material.

Itsonlybusiness.co.uk has the right to remove any advertisement that is in breach of any of the terms and conditions stated in this agreement.


Advertisers terms

By clicking the ‘place a free ad’ button you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement in particular the agreements below this “advertisers terms” caption.

You agree that you are to post an advert purely because you have a business opportunity available or because you believe there is a business opportunity available in which a user may assist your needs.

Your advert is to be completed with fair, full and accurate information. No information shall be advertised which is or can be misleading to the viewer.

All information and content supplied in your advert is that of yours. No information or content has been taken from any other source unless you have consent from the owner of the source. This means any copyrighting or the taking of any other protected data.

All contact information submitted to itsonlybusiness.co.uk is real and can be used (if you have consented to) so users may contact you as long as they have requested your contact details.

You allow users to share you advert by other means via email, Facebook, twitter, linked in and Google plus without your consent.

You are not to create an advert for any other persons other than yourself.

You are not to use any violent, discriminating, abusive, indecent or obscene material when posting an advert.

You are solely responsible for all information supplied in your advert. You are solely responsibly for any future actions or a decision made within your business once the advert is posted. Itsonlybusiness.co.uk holds no responsibility for connections made between advertiser and user that may have gone wrong in what so ever way.


Viewer’s terms

By using the itsonlybusiness.co.uk website you are agreeing to the terms written on this page. If you do not consent to this then you must exit the site as you are in breach of the legal agreement.

You are agreeing that you are viewing the advertisements solely because you feel you can assist the advertiser with there certain need.

That you are not to contact them to promote your business services to them, rather to promote how you wish to assist them as they have advertised in the request.

Should you wish to contact them that there personal information is to be kept by yourself and yourself only. The information is not to be shared to any other party or persons.

That you are to contact them in good faith and that you are not to break any common UK law when doing so.


Personal information

By using itsonlybusiness.co.uk you agree to the collection and storage of your personal information. Details of this are set out in our privacy policy. You also agree to receive marketing communications from itsonlybusiness.co.uk unless you tell us you would prefer not to receive them. You can tell us by contacting us.



You must not misuse this Site by knowingly introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or other material, which is malicious or technologically harmful to it. You must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to our Site, the server on which our Site is stored or any server, computer or database connected to this Site.



Advertisers may upload links to there personal or business website. We do not take any responsibility for any content or material shown on their linked site. You must read there terms and conditions stated on the linked site as they will be different from itsonlybusiness.co.uk terms and conditions.



All competitions that Itsonlybusiness.co.uk run on third party sites are not endorsed by the sites they are on. Twitter/Facebook has no connection or endorsements of our competitions. They are solely the responsibilty of itsonlybusiness.co.uk. All winners are randomly chosen by us, unless stated elsewhere in the details of the specific competition. Once a winner has been chosen we will notify them as to how they can claim their prize. All entrants are allowed to apply only one time, any persons seen to be applying more than once can be refused entrance to the current and all future competitions. Itsonlybusiness.co.uk cannot guarantee the quality of the competition prize, we simply purchase the prize from another source and purchase it in good faith that it is what it says on the purchase information.If you are unhappy with the quality of the prize then you must file a dispute against the manufacturer or service provider supplying it. Not us. Competitions are run on more than 1 third party site. Therefore competition entrances and the winners can be gained from other sites other than the one you see it on. Only entrants from the United Kingdom can be taken.


Intellectual property rights

Except for any materials or content published by our users, itsonlybusiness.co.uk own all the copyrights to all content and materials used on the itsonlybusiness.co.uk site. We are the owner or the licensee of all other intellectual property rights on this Site, and in the material published on them. Copyright laws and treaties around the world protect all works. All such rights are reserved. You must not print off copies or download any extracts from any part of the Site unless expressly authorized by us to do so.  If you print off, copy or download any part of our Site in breach of these terms of use, your right to use our Site will cease immediately and you must, at our option, return or destroy any copies of the materials you have made.


Changes to Terms and conditions

Itsonlybusiness.co.uk has the right to change any part of these terms and conditions without prior consent from the users. You are advised to check this page from time to time to keep up to date with any changes possibly made.