Success Stories


Robert Stephenson - Founder of iMind Web developers


" I was a bit sceptical as to whether someone would be interested in my proposition, but it worked"

"I placed an advert with It's Only Business when my business began to expand. I had been working from home for 3 years when I found myself having enough work to take on another 2 web developers. Although the increase in work and the rise of my business was a good thing. We couldnt all work from my office space at home. Also I don't think my wife would be to fond of that idea. So, I placed an advert on It's Only Business asking for some office space for me and my 2 workers. It didn't have to be a big fancy building. Just somewhere that we can fit 3 desks. In return for the office space, I would be willing to build and manage a website for someone who can help us. This way I could keep my overhead costs down. I found the perfect company to work with. We now have 3 desks to ourselves in which there are 15 desks on the floor and in return we have developed a good website for them"




William Donalds - Owner of Squeezies Pet Shop


" I wanted to expand the business but had very little money to do so, so I improvised"


"I have owned Squeezies Pet Shop since my father passed the business down to me. I had a shop that was performing quite well, both financially and I was happy running it. I began to feel some rough times when a major competitor of ours opened a much larger shop in our local town. After a few months we could see our sales where falling. I wanted to grow our business and the way we, not only sell our products but where we sell our products. I placed an advert on It's Only Business explaining what it is I wanted to do. I expalined that I dont have a large sum of money to invest back into the business, but how I did have good supplier contacts, good sales contacts etc. I titled the advert as seeking a business partner. This is when myself and Sven arranged to chat. Sven explained to me how he was in the know around local markets, local boot fairs and Fetes. He had worked on them all his life selling all sorts of products. We agreed for Sven to take a selection of my stock to sell at bootfairs and market stalls locally. In return Sven got a profit cut of the sales. Myself and Sven now have a deal where he takes some of my stock and sells it at places that I cant nessesarily be at, as well as the shop. My business nor his is struggling to keep heads above the water"


Catherine Stern - Business Owner/Investor


" My business was Booming, but I didnt want to stop there"


" 2006 was the year I opened my first hair salon. Since then I have grown the business to which I now own another 7 salons. We do anything from hair to massages and all of the inbetween. Now that I had established my salons and established my staffing structure within the business, I had a bit more time to myself. I came across It's Only Business when someone at a local networking event told me they had used the site before and how it worked for them. See I wanted to get involved or invest in a small business that I could have a real impact in. A business that I felt passionate about that could use my expertise and possibly some of my money. I came across a business that wanted to visit the elderly in there homes to do there hair/makeup or give them beauty treatments from the comfort of there own home. This was right up my street. So I got in contact with a lady called Sally who already had a reletively good name for her company but wanted to take it to the next level. Since then myself and Sally have grown 'Home to Home hair and Beauty' into a well respected business with 6 employees"