Property Developments Partnership

Property Developments Partnership

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I am seeking an experienced builder currently operating in Southern England with vast local knowledge who holds existing relationships with skilled construction trade-persons/contractors.

I have a UK newly registered Building developing Ltd company with 45,000 to invest in a joint building developing venture.

Additional funds would be available in the future from other investors after successfully completing a couple of projects.

Desirable skills to include:

Must be an ambitious and qualified team player
Firm understanding of current market trends
Competent in managing the development of a construction project in full autonomy, from sourcing of suitable project/s including auctions to evaluation of potential costings, negotiating with contractors, obtaining tenders and agreeing contracts
Obtaining of all necessary certifications when needed
Managing furnishing/Interior design if necessary
Overseeing marketing and sales
Any other additional requirements to successfully complete a building development project.

This is a genuine and exciting opportunity for a dedicated, qualified and motivated partner who has the know-how and experience but not sufficient funds to venture alone into a building development project.

Please reply with brief CV and a brief statement outlining your ambitions and why you think you are the best candidate for this partnership opportunity.