Business Partner/Investors wanted

Business Partner/Investors wanted

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Entrepreneur based in Oxford UK.

Ideally looking for a partner (s), investment, or people who would like to get involved on whatever level, even just a chat if you are doing anything similar.

I have various non hair-brained of projects and businesses I would like to get off the ground.
I have successfully set up and started business in the past, going from virtually no investment to decent turnover.
I have skills and expertise in various areas including web design, SEO, domain (started and sold, , marketing, electronics, media and more.

Initial projects are in the home audio sector, various design products and Web services, and some music ideas!

Much of the development of some things is fairly well advanced.

Above all I am realistic and only move forward where things are going to work and/or can be tested with minimal or zero investment.

Please get in touch, I'm keen to get in touch ideally with anyone relatively local starting anything up, or anything in similar fields.