Starting a Business on eBay

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Starting an eBay Business

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eBay is an online venue where sellers can offer a variety of their products and buyers can search through and purchase them. Selling products on eBay is similar to renting a store in a mall or selling things at a flea market or yard sale.

What you want to sell, how you price it, where you get it, and details related to the delivery of items is all up to you. eBay doesn’t offer any help in these areas. They only provide the space for you to sell, just like the owners of the mall.

Following are some steps to help you with starting an eBay business:

1. Join eBay

The first step is to get an eBay account, assuming you are not already an eBay member. It’s free and the only kind of account on eBay, doesn’t matter if you are a buyer or a seller.

2. Make some purchases

To get to know the shopping basics of eBay, make some purchases. Browse the listings in some categories on eBay. Also understand eBay bidding. Before becoming a successful seller on eBay, you’ll have to see how individuals make purchases on eBay.

3. Make some simple sales to gain experience

Start by listing a single item for sale on eBay, anything you want. If you are having difficulty making a decision, check out the lists of items from common first-time sellers, and then find something in your house you no longer need. Use the “Sell” option of eBay and fill out the selling form in order to post the item for sale.

4. Learn the ins and outs of eBay

Now that you have a basic buying and selling experience, it’s time to learn other features and rules of eBay as well as culture. Do some reading to get an idea about the rules and features of eBay. Take notes, if possible.

5. Put your feet on the pavement

If you think you are comfortable with online selling business and it is the right business for you, then it’s time to start some real work. In order to sell things, you need to find things, things that are sold with markup and regularity. It’s up to you to find shopping trends, great product opportunities and niches, establishing relationships with suppliers and sources or wholesalers of goods, etc., as is managing all your capital needs of starting the business with an initial inventory. You’ll have to make phone calls, do research, send emails, visit other businesses, build relationships, and think about customer service values as well as business models, all by yourself.

6. Work and grow

Starting up and running an online business is just the beginning, in time, you’ll likely want to get an office, use market research, set financial goals, sell-through rates relative to your costs. You’ll probably want to branch out beyond eBay since it is only one online selling venue amongst many others.

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