2016’s Top trend

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What’s the No1 Trend for business in 2016? No matter what type of small business you are a part of, there are big changes coming in 2016. A new year always brings big changes for business, and this year is not going to be any exception. Some of the biggest changes are going to come in the form of how business are using social media. Because it has become the most popular way to communicate, more and more businesses will… Read more2016’s Top trend

The stock market explained

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The Basics Of Stock Market The stock market brings together sellers and buyers and enables them to exchange securities, which is the group name for investment products such as investment trusts, bonds, exchange traded funds and shares. The participants in the stock market range from individuals known as retail investors, to big institutional investors, banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Stock exchanges allows businesses, organizations and governments to raise capital in order to invest or grow, from individuals and institutions… Read moreThe stock market explained

Excel In Business Networking

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  If you are uncertain of what business networking is, it is simply a method with which people can interact with other people on both formal and informal basis through a prism of business purposes. Nowadays, networking is one of the biggest ways for growing a list of connections. From CEOs to managers, sales reps and even interns – everyone does business networking in order to get ahead of the best opportunities for personal and business growth, but also get… Read moreExcel In Business Networking

Outsourcing Your Workload

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  With a global talent-pool available for hire at any time, it is no surprise that many savvy business owners are outsourcing many jobs to freelancers and specialist companies. With the proliferation of the internet, advances in technology and cheaper methods of information communication, it has never been easier to find skilled freelancers to undertake projects for business projects. The freelance market -which has begun to boom over the past ten years- is a global resource of writers, administrators, graphic… Read moreOutsourcing Your Workload

The Creation of Innocent Smoothies

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The Creation of Innocent Smoothies Innocent Smoothies is now a well-known household brand. There are a range of flavours to suit all needs, but just how did the founders get started? How did it become the national brand it is today? Here’s a brief look into the creation of Innocent Smoothies. It All Started With University Graduates Like many companies, this one started out with a simple idea from three Cambridge University friends. Richard Reed, Jon Wright and Adam Balon… Read moreThe Creation of Innocent Smoothies

Starting a Business on eBay

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Starting an eBay Business eBay is an online venue where sellers can offer a variety of their products and buyers can search through and purchase them. Selling products on eBay is similar to renting a store in a mall or selling things at a flea market or yard sale. What you want to sell, how you price it, where you get it, and details related to the delivery of items is all up to you. eBay doesn’t offer any help… Read moreStarting a Business on eBay