We are an Investor

We are an Investor

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Dear Business Owners,

We engage in loan finance and investment activities in real estate, hospitality, industrial & sustainable technologies, strategic financial investments, specialized education, health-care services, agriculture, manufacturing, mining,energy and additional environmentally sustainable projects.

Do you have projects that require funding? We have finance available for your projects with over 2 trillion private and corporate investment portfolios. looking for equity partners, entrepreneur, fund raisers and portfolio managers who will pay up to 4.5% interest and/or part equity position with a 5 to 10 year hold. In 2030, We plan on acquiring up to 2 trillion in high-quality, low risk assets and investments to capitalize on the current market cycle.

My name is Grace Lebeau am a Financial Director by profession base in Republic of Benin working with GALAXY ECOWAS PARTNERS please kindly give me feedback over the below business proposal.

I have an investor who wanted to invest his multi-millions of money into lucrative and profiting projects abroad. Such as company either in existence then required expansion or any project idea of yours.

This is to inform you that, I have direct contacts of the investor. So feel free and get back to me if you are interested or on your ability to handle his investment project.

Kindly indicate to me by contacting me on my e-mail g.lebeau1985@gmail.com if you are interested.

Grace Lebeau