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Hello all,

My name is Bedeyuri, I wrote, produced and directed a 20 min short film called, 'Self-Target' in 2016, you can see the trailer just at the bottom of this page. The film was an amazing experience not just for me but for the whole team. However, I am here because I want to improve this short film. With this short film I can win in many festivals around the GLOBE. Me and my team, we are confident. Winning the festival can mean a lot for us... or by getting a good recognition it will definitely open doors. The main iam is to make a feature film but for now we can just start with short film.

We ask for your help to produce this short film - but also invite you (investors) to stay on our side for the future projects, as we have few more screenplays full of potential.

A little bit about the film: the movie was about a character who enjoyed playing cards (gambling) friendly with his best friend. And luckly he used to win until one day he was tempted to play fo real money. At the beginning, he was wining & wining until that last game. Where it not just led him into debt but also trouble. His life changed drastically! He started been blackmailed and then dragged into the world of crime only to pay his debt. With no escaping plan he killed to survive, until suddenly he became their target. In this new film, where I need your help, the adventure starts with him looking for peace, and tries to save his mother that he nearly left behind. Whilst returning from his past he'll make a huge discovery.

Thank you for reading my post, please get in touch if you have some interest in film. No scam please, only serious investors.